The ZuZu Men

23 April

Bristol band The Zu Zu Men first emerged from the dust at the start of the year of Our Lord 2012 & can already boast a list of favourites, 60 million strong, ranging from the ’30s to the present. Often expanding their repertoire by taking audience requests they quite miraculously learn new songs during live performances, adding a colourful panache & sass to their shows that leaves other bands wanting.


Theirs is a unique, propane driven show that never disappoints…

“This is a band whose musical prowess is matched only by their obvious & immediate physical beauty”…NME


“I didn’t know that music so perfect could exist. I’ve been weeping for days and now my extremities have gone numb”…Danny Glover

RUNNING TIME 120 mins (inc. interval)





​TIME 7.30pm 

Unit 5 Queens Square Clevedon BS21 6HX

Theatre Shop is in the pedestrianised square behind B&M Bargains, tucked between Superdrug and Boots.

We recommend parking in B&M Bargains car park and  walking across Queens Square where you'll find Theatre Shop.


Theatre Orchard and Living Spit met in 2012. Their eyes locked across a crowded room and they decided to get together and turn an empty shop into a theatre.

They named their bundle of joy “Theatre Shop”. It’s 5 years old this year and is now run by The Theatre Shop CIC, a brand new not-for-profit company.