Then Again

17 March @ 7.30pm

Meet Millie...and Millie...and Millie.

Scientist, YouTuber and budding songwriter, Millie, is busy studying for her Phd in quantum physics, making videos of her oddball inventions and writing songs with her best friend Edgar. She’s just about keeping on top of things when she accidentally invents a time machine.


Before long she meets duplicate versions of her future self who start to lend a hand. The increasingly ambitious and self-obsessed Millie is sucked into the fickle world of internet celebrity, replacing Edgar with her millions of fans. Does she need more subscribers or does she need true friends?


Tremolo Theatre are a Bristol based company with a compelling and distinctive voice. Using original music, ensemble story-telling and fast paced action, Then Again probes the power and influence of social media through the allegory of time travel.


" A mightily talented company, and one that brings a real sense of imagination and originality to Bristol’s theatre scene." Bristol #Prospectus


“A little gem of a show, multi-faceted and polished to perfection” ★★★★★

Stage Talk Magazine on "The Hours Before We Wake."


"Exceptionally funny” ★★★★★

Ed Fringe Review on "The Hours Before We Wake."


"Vivid, funny and thoughtful” ★★★★

Broadway Baby on The Hours Before We Wake.

70 Minutes
£11 Age 12+

Tremelo Theatre

Unit 5 Queens Square Clevedon BS21 6HX

Theatre Shop is in the pedestrianised square behind B&M Bargains, tucked between Superdrug and Boots.

We recommend parking in B&M Bargains car park and  walking across Queens Square where you'll find Theatre Shop.


Theatre Orchard and Living Spit met in 2012. Their eyes locked across a crowded room and they decided to get together and turn an empty shop into a theatre.

They named their bundle of joy “Theatre Shop”. It’s 5 years old this year and is now run by The Theatre Shop CIC, a brand new not-for-profit company.